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From the bottom of my heart

Dear Art Lovers
The creator of this Universe has bestowed upon us many many beautiful, immemorable and great things. One of them is the soul or the life that he has gifted us with. He has given us all the benefits of Mother Nature's benevolence. He has made us realize the importance of unity in diversity by gifting us different regions of the world with varied cultures, climates, lifestyles, floras and faunas.

God Almighty has blessed me with the ability to observe and evaluate the different aspects of nature. It's scenic beauties, its rivers and rivulets, the blue sprawling skies, the beautiful clouds, trees and landscapes, men and their cultures, floras and faunas and deep blue seas and many many different animals and living beings - I observe them, evaluate them and then I make a note of it in my mind and assess it with my sensibilities and feel it with the depth of my heart and then-… I take out my paraphernalia, my brush, my colours, my canvass and I try to transfer it in a painting. I get engrossed in my work and I forget everything else. I communicate only with Nature. I merge my own self in the realms of mother Nature. There is no difference between aesthetic and unaesthetic, good or bad. I just go on expressing myself whatever is endowed in me by way of my observations - from the depth of my heart and mind.

My philosophical paintings
Apart from painting portraits, landscapes, abstracts, wildlife, figures, nudes or human forms I as an artist feel it to be my bounden duty to express my views through my canvass the happenings around the world whether they are political, social, religious or economic and educational. I have done paintings on India's nuclear explosion, Monica-Clinton affair, Lady Diana's death, Mother Teresa's mission for the uplift of the down-trodden, personality of the millennium and other luminaries and eminent persons who have contributed for betterment of the world in their respective fields.

I am planning to do a series of paintings on AIDS from the Indian and Hindu mythological perspective.

For all my work I have received accolades and acclaims from the Head of the Govt. to Head of the State, Foreign Dignitaries, Chief ministers, Governors and Ministers. I have earned enough name and fame. But I feel I owe it to the society to repay it back in my own little capacity by commenting on happenings around the world through the medium I am well conversant with i.e. painting.

I would like to be known not just as a master painter of repute but a philosopher painter who has his own individual views on events which concern the human society.

I would feel obliged if you give me feedback and your valuable opinion about me as an artist or painter which would give me food for thought and energy to work with greater vigor and zeal.
I only feel that it should be acceptable to all my patrons, my fans, my critics, my friends and my promoters.

Lastly I leave everything to the judgement of the connoisseurs of art. If I am able to stir their heart and soul with my work I feel I am successful in doing my job. I need your support and warmth and your invaluable opinion.

Thank you
Mohsin Shaikh.


This is what M.S. Jhatam, Journalist, Critic has to say about Mohsin Shaikh - the artist

As a renowned and eminent painter cum writer - philosopher Mohsin Gulamhussain Shaikh, born in Ahmedabad, India on 29th October 1953, having scorpio as his birth sign and a household name in India as an artist of International repute. He has done the Post Diploma of Creative painting from Ahmedabad in 1979. He successfully completed all the styles of paintings, namely potraits, landscapes, surrealism & abstract paintings. He has done paintings on various subjects which sometimes even created controversies among the critics and the art lovers. His "Clinton-Monica" paintings generated so much of heat in its exhibitions, that crowd control measures had to be employed. His paintings are adoring many famous and big organisations namely government ,semi-government and non-government organisations, corporate houses, five star hotels, reputed art gallaries & private business houses. His paintings have been appreciated and sold all over the world. His works include:

  1. Painting hailing  Pokhran Nuclear Test  which was thrown open for exhibition by Honourable Prime Minister of India Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee.
  2. Lady Diana - Princess Diana or Mother Diana...? which was inaugurated by Ex. Prime Minister of India Shri I. K. Gujaral.
  3. A series of paintings on "Clinton-Monica" affair, which was thrown open by Mr. Khushwant Singh (India's most celebrated writer critic) at Delhi. Mr. Khushwant's comments on seeing these paintings..."This is not errotica, the paintings are beautiful and not vulgar".
  4. His Paintings on Kargil also created flutters in the art circle and brought laurels to the artist. The exhibition was thrown open by Shri L. K. Advani, Home Minister of India.
  5. A painting named "Man & Men of Millennium" portraying most eminent personalities of the 20th centuary, which was thrown open by Vice President of India Shri K. Krishnakant.

Apart from these, he has also participated in numerous group exhibitions and several one man shows in different cities of India. On his recent sojourn to Switzerland, Dubai, Pakistan, Bhutan and Nepal he has made up his mind to portrait their life styles in his forthcoming paintings. He is also planning to do a series of paintings on AIDS from the hindu mythological perspective. He is shortly planning to hold exhibitions of his work in different countries of the world.


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